Identifier Name Facet Value
A5 Respiratory Care respiratory-care
A14 Beds beds
A Products products
D30 Integrated Keyboards & Displays integrated-keyboards---displays
E Student student
E1 Diagnostic Sets diagnostic-sets
E2 PanOptic iExaminer Kits panoptic-iexaminer-kits
E3 Blood Pressure Gauges blood-pressure-gauges
E4 Stethoscopes stethoscopes
A14A Medical - Surgical Bed medical---surgical-bed
A15A Surfaces surfaces
A24 Literature literature
A15E4 General Products general-products
A15G1 Mobile OR tables mobile-or-tables
D67 Wiring Harnesses wiring-harnesses
A15O1 Protected Blade protected-blade
A15P1C Skin Markers skin-markers
A15P3A Foam Scalpel Holder foam-scalpel-holder
A15P5C Solidifier solidifier
A15Q3 Wound Closures wound-closures
A15Q5D S-Vac® Fluted Channel Drains s-vac-ae-fluted-channel-drains
A15R1F WebMesh webmesh
A15R3 Locking Tags locking-tags
A15R4C Write-On Labels write-on-labels
A15R5E Fan-Tip Brushes fan-tip-brushes
A15S2 Surgical Headband surgical-headband
A15S10 Suture Aid Booties suture-aid-booties
B2B4 Newborn Care newborn-care
B2B14 Alaris Medley Components alaris-medley-components
A10E Wearable Monitor wearable-monitor
A10A Vital Signs Devices vital-signs-devices
A11 Animal Health animal-health
D8 Bulbs & Valves bulbs---valves
A11D Thermometry thermometry
A11E Auscultatory Exam (Stethoscopes) auscultatory-exam--stethoscopes-
A4C Lighting Solutions lighting-solutions
D62 Stethoscope Accessories stethoscope-accessories
A11A Ear Exam ear-exam
A11B Eye Exam eye-exam
A11C Nose and Throat Exam nose-and-throat-exam
A11G Exam Lights exam-lights
A11F Procedure Lighting procedure-lighting
A15D Spine spine
A15F Orthopaedic orthopaedic
A15G2 Patient transfer systems patient-transfer-systems
A15J2 Cameras cameras
A15M1 Reusable Scalpel Handle reusable-scalpel-handle
A15O2 Safety Blade safety-blade
A15P1D Medication Labels medication-labels
A15P3B Foam Syringe Stand foam-syringe-stand
Identifier Name Facet Value
A15J Video Solutions video-solutions
A15M2 Safety Handles safety-handles
A15O3 Conventional Blade conventional-blade
A15P2A Bard-Parker Safety Scalpels bard-parker-safety-scalpels
A15P4A Transfer Tray transfer-tray
A15P5B Floor Mats floor-mats
A15Q2C 1/2 Circle 1-2-circle
A15Q5A Discrete Perforated Drains discrete-perforated-drains
A15R1C Endoscope endoscope
A15R2 Corner Protectors corner-protectors
A15R4D Tape Remover tape-remover
A15R5F General Purpose Brushes general-purpose-brushes
A15S4 Light Handles light-handles
A15S11 Vessel Loops vessel-loops
A16A1 Horizontal Lifts horizontal-lifts
A16B Manual Transfer Aids manual-transfer-aids
B Services services
B1B3 SmartCare Prevention Service smartcare-prevention-service
B2A5 Other other
B2B7 Patient Monitors patient-monitors
B2B16 Suction Devices suction-devices
A16A Lifts lifts
A17A Eye Exam eye-exam
A16C Sling Bars sling-bars
A16D Lift Sheets lift-sheets
A17B Nose and Throat Exam nose-and-throat-exam
A17D Endoscopic Exam endoscopic-exam
D2 Assemblies assemblies
A15M Handles handles
A15P1A Utility Markers utility-markers
D1 Adhesive adhesive
D26 Handle handle
A15D3 Spine Disposables spine-disposables
D19 Cuff Adapters cuff-adapters
A17C Ear Exam ear-exam
A17F Power Handles power-handles
A4A Headwall Systems headwall-systems
A17E Women's Health women-s-health
A17J Skin Exam skin-exam
A17G Physical Exam Sets Systems physical-exam-sets-systems
A17H Scales scales
A18A Hypertension Management hypertension-management
A14B Therapy Bed therapy-bed
A15A1 Gel Positioners gel-positioners
A15C3 Gyn / Uro / Lap Accessories gyn---uro---lap-accessories
A15E3 General Armboards general-armboards
A15G4 Patient Positioning Accessories patient-positioning-accessories
A15J1 Monitor Holders monitor-holders
A15M3 Conventional Handles conventional-handles
A15O Blades blades
Identifier Name Facet Value
A15P2 Safety Scalpels & Blade Systems safety-scalpels---blade-systems
A15P4 Sharps Safety Accessories sharps-safety-accessories
A15P6 Ergonomic Safety ergonomic-safety
A15Q3A Reinforced reinforced
A15Q5C Canister Kits canister-kits
A15R1D DuoGuards duoguards
A15R4A Roll Tape roll-tape
A15R5D Kits kits
A15S1 Pin Covers pin-covers
A15S12 Anti-Fog anti-fog
A17I Auscultatory Exam (Stethoscopes) auscultatory-exam--stethoscopes-
A19 Discontinued Products discontinued-products
B2 Rental Services rental-services
B2B6 CPMs cpms
B2B15 Defibrilators defibrilators
A1B Digital Blood Pressure Devices digital-blood-pressure-devices
D38 Nuts nuts
A4B Arms and Columns arms-and-columns
A2C Forehead Thermometers forehead-thermometers
D35 Surfaces & Surface Accessories surfaces---surface-accessories
D55 Sensors sensors
A2 Thermometry thermometry
D60 SPO2 Accessories spo2-accessories
D39 Optics & Lenses optics---lenses
A15L Surgical and Examination Lights surgical-and-examination-lights
A23 Internal Products Only internal-products-only
A3 Furniture furniture
D71 Monthly Promo monthly-promo
A15E General general
A15F3 Orthopaedic Disposables orthopaedic-disposables
A15I1 Hybrid-OR hybrid-or
A15J3 Medical Grade Monitors medical-grade-monitors
A15N Scalpels scalpels
A15P Patient & Staff Safety patient---staff-safety
A15P2D Bard-Parker Safety Handles bard-parker-safety-handles
A15P4B Basin & Tray Liner Transfer Systems basin---tray-liner-transfer-systems
A15Q1 Transparent Dressings transparent-dressings
A15Q3B Blend Tone blend-tone
A15R1A Gelpi Retractor gelpi-retractor
A15R1I Osteotome osteotome
A15R5 Instrument Cleaning Brushes instrument-cleaning-brushes
A15R5H Tracheostomy Brushes tracheostomy-brushes
A15S5 Clamp Covers clamp-covers
A18 Welch Allyn Home welch-allyn-home
B1B SmartCare Service smartcare-service
B2A1 Bariatric bariatric
B2B2 Ventilators ventilators
B2B9 Hot/Cold Therapy hot-cold-therapy
B2B13 Feeding Pumps feeding-pumps
C1B Hill-Rom Courses hill-rom-courses
Identifier Name Facet Value
C2 Clinical Training clinical-training
A2B Ear Thermometers ear-thermometers
A8 Medical Lighting medical-lighting
A7 Wound Therapy Systems wound-therapy-systems
A6A Remote Patient Monitoring remote-patient-monitoring
A6B Diabetic Retinal Exams diabetic-retinal-exams
A6 Population Health Management Technologies population-health-management-technologies
A3D Sleepers sleepers
A8B Exam Lights exam-lights
A8A Minor-Procedure Lighting minor-procedure-lighting
A8C Headlights headlights
A14F Maternal Bed maternal-bed
A15B Fluid Management fluid-management
A15E2 General Storage Carts general-storage-carts
A15F1 Orthopaedic Products orthopaedic-products
A15I Solutions solutions
A15N2 Disposable Scalpels disposable-scalpels
A15P1 Patient Identification & Marking Pens patient-identification---marking-pens
A15P2B Bard-Parker Safety Blades bard-parker-safety-blades
A15P5 Patient & Staff Safety Fluid Management patient---staff-safety-fluid-management
A15Q2 Surgical Needles surgical-needles
A15Q5 Wound Drainage Products wound-drainage-products
A15R1 Instrument Tip Protectors instrument-tip-protectors
A15R1G MIS mis
A15R5B Disposable Scope Channel Cleaning Brushes disposable-scope-channel-cleaning-brushes
A15S OR Accessories or-accessories
A15S6 Endoscopic Kittner endoscopic-kittner
B1A Partners in Care partners-in-care
B2A3 Pulmonary pulmonary
B2B3 BiPAPs bipaps
B2B12 Syringe Pumps syringe-pumps
C1A Welch Allyn eLearning welch-allyn-elearning
C1C Liko Courses liko-courses
D58 Software software
D52 Rings rings
D28 Hinges hinges
D10 Bushings bushings
D31 Internal Tubing internal-tubing
D5 Beds beds
D68 MEMS mems
D Parts parts
D17 Connectivity connectivity
D25 Grommets grommets
D24 Gaskets gaskets
E2B I Phone 6 Series i-phone-6-series
A12A Resting ECG resting-ecg
A2A Oral/Axillary/Rectal Thermometers oral-axillary-rectal-thermometers
D43 Pedals pedals
A3C Case-Goods case-goods
A10D Connex Clinical Surveillance Systems connex-clinical-surveillance-systems
Identifier Name Facet Value
D42 Paper paper
A14D Critical Care Bed critical-care-bed
A15C2 Gyn / Uro / Lap Products gyn---uro---lap-products
D21 Eartips & Specula eartips---specula
D45 Plugs plugs
D49 Probe Wells probe-wells
D11 Cables cables
D53 Rivets rivets
A12C Holter Monitoring Systems holter-monitoring-systems
D40 Overlays & Labels overlays---labels
D69 Service Kit service-kit
E3C Bronze Series bronze-series
E4A Cardiology Grade cardiology-grade
E4B Professional professional
E2C I Phone 6 Plus Series i-phone-6-plus-series
A3B Fabrics and Finishes fabrics-and-finishes
A3E Recliners recliners
A4E Work Tools and Ergonomics work-tools-and-ergonomics
A4D Headboards headboards
D33 License license
A15P4D Surgical Pause & Transfer Zone Mats surgical-pause---transfer-zone-mats
D61 Springs springs
D9 Bumpers bumpers
A14E Bariatric Bed bariatric-bed
A14G Home Care Bed home-care-bed
A15C Gyn/Uro/Lap gyn-uro-lap
A15C1 Gyn / Uro / Lap Disposables gyn---uro---lap-disposables
A15E1 General Bariatric general-bariatric
A15F2 Orthopaedic Accessories orthopaedic-accessories
A10B Continuous Monitoring Systems continuous-monitoring-systems
A15H OR Integration Systems or-integration-systems
A15I2 Robotic-OR robotic-or
A15K Supply Units supply-units
A15N1 Safety Scalpels safety-scalpels
A15P1B Lab Markers lab-markers
A15P2C Bard-Parker SafeSwitch Reusable Scalpel Handle bard-parker-safeswitch-reusable-scalpel-handle
A15P3 Miscellaneous Safety Accessories miscellaneous-safety-accessories
A15P4C Scalpel Holder scalpel-holder
A15D1 Spine Products spine-products
A15Q Wound Care wound-care
A15Q2A 3/8 Circle 3-8-circle
A15Q4 Tube Holders tube-holders
A15Q4A Secure-It Nasal Tube Holder secure-it-nasal-tube-holder
A15R Instrument Care instrument-care
A15R1B InnerVent innervent
A15R1H Round round
A15R1J Weitlaner weitlaner
A15R5A Toothbrush Style toothbrush-style
A15R5C Double-Ended Nylon Cleaning Brushes double-ended-nylon-cleaning-brushes
A15R5J Hand/Nail Brushes hand-nail-brushes
Identifier Name Facet Value
A15R5I Suction Tube Cleaning Brushes suction-tube-cleaning-brushes
A15S7 Snares snares
A15S8 Safety Pins safety-pins
D12 Cases (Storage/Carry) cases--storage-carry-
B1B1 SmartCare Complete Service smartcare-complete-service
B1B2 SmartCare Response Service smartcare-response-service
B2A2 Bariatric Accessories bariatric-accessories
B2A4 Wound wound
B2B1 Respitory Accessories respitory-accessories
B2B5 SCDs scds
B2B10 Infusion Therapy infusion-therapy
B2B11 PCA Pumps pca-pumps
B2B17 IV Poles iv-poles
C Education education
C3 Technical Training technical-training
C4 Webinars webinars
D50 Probes probes
A10 Patient Monitoring patient-monitoring
D14 Circuit Boards & Assemblies circuit-boards---assemblies
D57 Service Upgrade service-upgrade
F2 Weight Scales weight-scales
A15G OR Tables or-tables
A15D2 Spine Accessories spine-accessories
E1A Standard Set standard-set
E1C Enhanced Set enhanced-set
E1E Pocket Set pocket-set
E1F Accessories accessories
E2A I Phone 4 Series i-phone-4-series
E1D Premium Set premium-set
D16 Configurations configurations
D54 Screws screws
A20 Factory Refurbished factory-refurbished
A9 Stretchers stretchers
F Home home
D13 Casters casters
D22 Fasteners fasteners
D47 Printers printers
A12D Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor ambulatory-blood-pressure-monitor
A12 Cardiopulmonary cardiopulmonary
D36 Misc Parts misc-parts
D34 Literature literature
A12B Stress-Test Systems stress-test-systems
D3 Batteries batteries
A10C Central Stations and Software central-stations-and-software
D44 Pins pins
cardio Cardio 20 cardio-20
D48 Probe Covers probe-covers
A21 Miscellaneous Products miscellaneous-products
D76 SmartCare Services smartcare-services
B1B4 SmartCare Complete+ Service smartcare-complete--service
Identifier Name Facet Value
D27 Hardware hardware
D23 Fuses fuses
D65 Vaginal Specula Accessories vaginal-specula-accessories
D15 Computer Accessories computer-accessories
D7 BP Cuffs bp-cuffs
F1 Blood Pressure Monitors blood-pressure-monitors
D70 OEM Certified Used oem-certified-used
D63 Tools tools
D72 Clearance Items clearance-items
D56 Service Agreement service-agreement
D64 Training training
A25 Tools tools
A1C Sphygmomanometers sphygmomanometers
D46 Power Supplies & Cords & Charges power-supplies---cords---charges
D20 Disposables disposables
D37 Mounting Options mounting-options
A1D Home Blood Pressure Systems home-blood-pressure-systems
A13 Support Surfaces support-surfaces
explore-by-department Explore By Department explore-by-department
categories All Categories all-categories
wound Wound wound
other Other other
bariatric-accessories Bariatric Accessories bariatric-accessories
pulmonary Pulmonary pulmonary
A1A Blood Pressure Cuffs blood-pressure-cuffs
D71 Monthly Promo monthly promo
D73 WA Clearance wa clearance
D32 Misc Parts misc parts