Sit-to-Stand Vests
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Sit-to-Stand Vests

Move patients from sitting to standing and anywhere in between for a quick transfer.


The Sabina® II EE Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift helps you easily and quickly transfer patients to and from the bed, chair and toilet by lifting them from sitting to a standing position. With consistent use, you may increase patient satisfaction with improved toileting programs, help to keep your patient safe from falls during transfers and contribute to active training to help your patient get stronger. A wide assortment of soft accessories designed especially for the Sabina lift help adapt the device to your patient. The lift has adjustable width, base and height settings to accommodate patients with a variety of statures, and it can support passive lifting movements when necessary.


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When it’s time to get your patient on their feet, our Sit-to-Stand Vests with the Sabina lift to help support their upper body.

Intended for patients who can actively participate in the raising procedure, these vests help move them to a wheelchair, chair or toilet. This process also gives the patient standing practice in connection with the transfer. Each vest model fits in different ways—for example, under or outside the arms—so you can make the best choice for your patient.

Two clinicians help a patient stand from a hospital bed using a Sabina sit-to-stand lift and vest
A clinician helps an older male patient stand using a Sabina SafetyVest Lift Aid

SafetyVest™ Lift Aid

This sit-to-stand vest is designed to assist patients with poor stability who have difficulty standing steadily. The SafetyVest lifts in a way that is self-regulating and safe—so both you and your patient can feel secure. The vest is padded with a fabric that provides a high degree of friction and helps prevent gliding. Synthetic sheepskin padding is available as an accessory for softer, more even pressure distribution.

Solo SupportVest Lift Aid

Solo SupportVest™

This disposable sling is designed for short-term, single-patient-use. Used with a Sabina lift with the SlingBar 350 (narrow), the Solo SupportVest lifts behind the back and under the arms, suiting patients who need help to raise themselves but who can then stand firmly on their own legs. The sling comes in two sizes and is made of a strong, non-washable, non-woven material.

ComfortVest Lift Aid


This sit-to-stand vest is designed especially for patients who are paralyzed on one side or must avoid underarm lifting pressure. This unique vest works together with a Sabina lift with Comfort Sling Bar and functions differently from other sit-to-stand vests. The outer vest lifts behind the back and outside the arms, while the inner waist belt prevents gliding and keeps the patient from sliding out of the vest. The self-regulating tensioning function works according to the same principle as the Liko® MasterVest.

ComfortVest Lift Aid


This comfortable sit-to-stand vest is simple to use and requires minimal individual adjustment to suit any patient. It is used for patients who require a lot of help to lift themselves but who can then stand firmly on their own. The vest lifts behind the back and under the arms, and an adjustable waistband holds it in place during application. The inside of the vest is corduroy-lined and prevents gliding, with the option to attach removable sheepskin padding.

Technical Specifications

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  Safe Working Load Fabric Sizes Solo (Single-Patient-Use) Product
SafetyVest 440lb Polyester, padded with plastic-coated net M, L No 
Solo Support Vest Lift Aid 440lb Nonwoven material M, L Yes
ComfortVest Lift Aid 440lb Polyester, padded with plastic-coated net S, M, L, XL No 
SupportVest 440lb Polyester, lined with corduroy S, M, L, XL No 

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