FCS Ceiling Pendants
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FCS Ceiling Pendants

The flexibility and convenience you need in the OR, ICU and beyond.


Choosing the right setup for your care teams and your patients is crucial, so you need a reliable, adaptable solution that allows the flexibility you require and the freedom to reconfigure as those requirements change.


Designed to flex as often as you do, our Flexible Clinical Supply (FCS) Pendants can be customized to fit the needs of your OR, ASC and ICU environments. With the three functional solutions that comprise our pendants portfolio – the FCS 300 Electro Cube, FCS 500 Hybrid Monitor Holder and the TruPort Supply Unit – intuitive positioning and adaptability have never been easier.


Whether it’s simple electrical connections, access through anesthesia, cable management or equipment storage, our pendants improve workflow efficiency, so you can provide the best possible experience for your patients and your critical care team.


Attention: Not all products/options are available in all countries. Please check availability with your local Hillrom representative or click on Request More Information to contact Hillrom customer service.


  • Custom-shaped, overlapping silicone gaskets help keep foreign matter out of the recessed Mounting Power Communication (MPC) rail system.
  • Spring-loaded, flush drawers with no exterior handles are easy to use and clean.
  • Operating controls on the support head and a color-coded brake system let you intuitively position the FCS Pendant.
  • Easily attach shelves and drawers of various widths and depths.
  • A dock-on trolley equipment carrier is also available.
  • Customizable - Modular design simplifies arrangement and selection of modules.
  • Intelligent - Patented MPC rail supplies select components with low-voltage power.
  • Configurable - Quick Connect gives tool-free attachment of a variety of components.
Boom electrocube with US duplex, gas and data outlets.

FCS 300 Electro Cube

Powering Your Operating Room

The FCS 300 Electro Cube is used to connect additional equipment for power and low voltage needs in the operating room. The pendant prevents you from having to plug equipment into the wall, eliminating trip hazards. Used in ORs, hybrid ORs, specialty ORs, and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) the standard configuration includes two electrical outlets and two low voltage preparations.

Hybrid monitor holder and large monitor.

FCS 500 Monitor Holders

Enhanced Modularity for Improved Visibility

Hillrom offers various arm systems that allow for flexible arrangement and positioning of assorted monitors within any space. Options range from one large monitor up to eight smaller monitors to fit your OR needs.

TruPort Supply Unit

Break Free to Move Forward

Whether in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or the Operating Room (OR), adaptability is essential – because everything can change in an instant. Care teams need to flex and shift on a moment’s notice. Yet too often, their choices are limited to complex and costly infrastructure considerations. Break free and adapt your equipment to deliver the care your patients need today with the TruPort Supply Unit

Technical Specifications

Dig deeper into product attributes to see how we can fit your requirements.

  TruPort Supply Unit FCS 500  FCS 300 
Support Dual Arm Reach Up to 102" (2,600 mm) Up to 100" (2,540 mm) Up to 105" (2,680 mm)
Brake System Options Electro-pneumatic, Electro-magnetic or Friction Brake Electro-pneumatic or Friction Brake Friction Brake
Ceiling Attachment Suspended ceiling clearance up to 59" (1,500 mm) Suspended ceiling clearance up to 59" (1,500 mm) Standard Light Mounting System Required, Mounting Plate at 10" (254 mm)
Vertically Articulating Adjustment (optional)      
     Arm Reach 39.4“ (1,000 mm) 39.4“ (1,000 mm) or 48” (1240 mm) 38” (980 mm)
     Vertical Range 27.6“ (700 mm) 27.6“ (700 mm) 33“ (840 mm)
     Lift Speed 1.2“/s (30 mm/s) 1.2“/s (30 mm/s) or Manual Manual
Max. Load Up to 750 lbs (340 kg) Up to 396 lbs (180 kg) Up to 33 lbs (15 kg)
Swivel Range 330° on all joints, stops configurable every 12° 330° on all joints, stops configurable every 12° 325° on all joints
Support Head Dimensions   Monitor Brackets can accommodate up to 60” monitors  
   L x W 12" x 12"  (310 mm x 310 mm) 12" x 12"  (310 mm x 310 mm)
   Height 20” – 59” (500-1750 mm) 10” (250 mm)
Data Module Availability Yes - Yes
Gas Module Availability Yes - -
Electric Power Module Availability Yes - Yes
Modular Service Flexibility Yes - Yes
Shelf Availability Yes - -
Drawers Availability Yes - -

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